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Welcome 4x4 Enthusiasts

Club Members & Their Toys

     The Central Florida Mudslingers would like to introduce you to the current members of the club. The following section will give you a brief description of each of the members and their trucks. We will list the members by their club names and not by their original names for privacy reasons.



 Shifty in his 1983 s15 powered by a 350 Chevy sitting  on a 1986 extend K5 Blazer frame on 9" of lift with 35" BFG`S .When he got the truck believe it or not it was a low rider with a busted frame. Over the yrs the truck has come up 3 different times and he aint done yet. If it  was up to his kids it would be on 66" tires if it was up to his wife it would be on 31" tires .But since it is up to him it will be on 44" swampers.





     Cowboy in his 1996 Silverado, powered by a 305  Chevy vortec with an Auburn pro limited slip on a 3"  body lift and a 3" suspension lift on 35" BFG`S . The truck was stock when he got it and has come up 2 times. Plans on swapping the IFS out for a straight  axle and swapping the rear 10 bolt for a 14 bolt taking out the 3" suspension lift and replacing it with a 6" lift and adding 38" Swampers.





     CJ in his 1997 ford Ranger powered by a 2.3 on 7" of lift  on 31" Pro Comp`s and 410 gears. This truck has come up and down over the yrs but it has alway loved to play in the woods. Didn't matter stock or on 35" tires CJ was out there. Here is another 2 wheel drive conversion we just finished. He plans on adding a 302 power plant and a 5 speed tranny and 35" BFG`S or 38" swampers.






Smokey in his 1989 Silverado powered by a 350  vortec. Truck is stock sitting on 285,75,16 tires. He might lack the tires and the lift but he has got the heart ,if you said you were going to the woods, he would be the first one in the truck and already in the woods by the time you got to your truck! Ha what can you say
he`s a Redneck. Just think a few yrs back he was driving mini vans took him to the woods now we cant  keep him out . Plans on adding a 6" lift with 35" BFG`S