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  Central Florida Mudslingers
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Welcome To The Central Florida Mudslingers

Welcome to the Central Fl. MudSlingers web site. We have been limping around for a few years thought it might be a good time to expand and get some new faces and trucks in the club. We are a family based 4x4 club and we are located in Lake County Fl. We formed this club because we first of all like to play in the mud with our trucks and also because it is nice to have a group of people together who enjoy the same hobby, past time of four wheel drive travel in all phases. We want to enjoy the natural resources and support the multiple use principal as applies to public land.


     Central Florida Mudslingers is a family oriented club so we act accordingly. We are based in Lake County Florida, close to Orlando, you do not have to reside in Lake County to be a member.

     Anyone who participates in our club and rides must understand that scratches, dents and broken parts do happen, so you are driving at your own risk. No one will be forced to drive any particular obstacle, path, trail and etc. but there are those cases where there are no by-passes available, so be prepared.


     Sorry we are not fully ready for newcomers at this time. We are still a week or so away. Still working things out like the club rules and the legal red tape part of it. The rules and the Club application will be posted on this
site for your convenience along with membership payment method. Be sure to bookmark this site or keep checking back here for updated information about becoming a member of the Central Florida Mudslingers! You may also Contact Us at anytime for further questions. Click Here to jump to our Members Section of this website for a introduction to the current members of the Central Florida Mudslingers.