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Central Florida Mudslingers

"If you aint stuck, you  aint playing hard enough !"

Sunday July 02, 2006


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     It sure seems as every website has that section called "Links", so we thought we would have one to, and of course, our links are to do with 4x4, trucks, mudding, rednecks, end etc.... Click on any of the following images to jump to their home page.

     If you would like your link added on to our website, feel free to contact us and we can work something out, maybe just swap links or something like that. If you would like your own page on this website, you may purchase one, prices are, $150.00 per year and you send our webmaster the information to post on the site.


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     We added the following links to our website to help spread the word on some great places to get parts, ideas, Outdoor Adventures, and etc. We are not associated with any of the following links.





Outdoor Recreation

Total Acreage: 157,479
Counties: Citrus, Pasco, Hernando, Sumter


Richloam , Withlacoochee State Forest

     Withlacoochee State Forest is currently the third largest state forest in Florida and is divided into eight distinct tracts of land. Using sound ecosystem management, the Division of Forestry provides for multiple-use of the forest resources which includes timber management, wildlife management, ecological restoration, and outdoor recreation. The size and diversity of Withlacoochee State Forest provides visitors with a variety of natural communities, wildlife and recreation activities to enjoy.



Ocala National Forest

So Much To Do & See
     The Ocala is a unique and fascinating forest that offers an accommodating climate for year round recreating. The mild winters are fine for family camping while a summer canoe trip down a palm-lined stream is a cool way to spend an August day. The temperatures for the dry months of November through February range from a daily average of 50 F to a high of 72 F. The summer season is much warmer and wetter. Short afternoon thundershowers often raise the humidity to about 90% while the temperatures range from 80 F to 95 F. The average rainfall is approximately 55 inches per year.

     Water plays an important part in a variety of recreational opportunities on the forest. There are huge springs, twisting streams and lakes for fishing and water skiing. Many of the scenic lakes were formed when limestone bedrock dissolved, permitting the surface layer to slump and fill with water. The cool crystal-clear water of Juniper Springs, Alexander Springs, Salt Springs and Silver Glen Springs entice many visitors to take a cool dip. Snorkelers frequently find a thrilling underwater view of fish, swaying vegetation and cavernous springs. No wonder the Ocala National Forest is one of the most heavily used National Forests in the United States. Some recreational activities require a pass or permit. Please see Passes & Permits for more information.







Click Here to visit the best site for Florida's ATV's off road riding. This website will help you locate a place to ride your ATV's. It is loaded with several places for family fun or just plain down and dirty ATV fun.




The Florida Trail Riders website is another awesome website to locate places for off road ATV riding.